Prison Art

Chi Town Taurus

Chicago born, Great Lakes songwriter and artist whose sincere prose & poetry driven work is both riveting and powerful. Since 2016, Taurus has been Reverbnation's artist to watch, and has remained at the top of it's Chicago, Regional, National and Global charts for a consecutive 3 years and counting with his Music Theater Therapy Movement: the Evooize De Medici Collection.


Incarcerated by the time of his 19th Birthday, Taurus devoted his entire life to a career in organized crime and criminal enterprise. Building a music catalog that chronicled his childhood and upbringing as well as life in prison is what resulted from his solitary confinement diary and memoirs sparked by years of imprisonment in some of the nation's most violent and brutal state and federal facilities.


In 2014, Taurus reemerged into society and rose out of the streets with a message for listeners fostered by his experiences. His music library intact with an extensive catalogue forged a path into the music business starting with 6 independently released mixtapes on Reverbnation. Authentic, vivid and truthful first hand accounts of his life behind bars. This is the Story of Taurus in raw, unfettered and honest detail. His first studio album titled "Prison Art," introduces audiences to an archive of heartfelt and soul shaking music.


A slice of masterfully crafted street poetry. Taurus is brimming with battle-tested reservoirs of strength and the capacity to endure the worst in life's tragedies and pitfalls. Intimate and painful, the power of perseverance and determination. Deep simplicity in a complex and compelling American story. Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul, Pop and Trap all in one.  This is the Public's and Music Industry's first glimpse into the Music Theater Therapy Movement.


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