Life Of A Gangster PTSD

The Story of Taurus

Prison Art by Chi Town Taurus

Artist Bio: Chi Town Taurus 

Chi Town Taurus is a rising star in the world of hip-hop, an artist whose music blends raw lyricism, introspection, and a relentless drive to break barriers. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Chicago and other areas throughout the Great Lakes, this talented rapper delivers a unique and captivating sound that resonates with audiences far and wide. 

Born and raised in the Great Lakes Region amidst the hustle and bustle of the Windy City, Chi Town Taurus found solace in music not necessarily from an early age, but was drawn to the rhythmic beats and poignant storytelling of hip-hop, he immersed himself in the art form, honing his skills and crafting his own distinct style. His lyrical prowess reflects the reality of growing up in an urban environment, where struggles and triumphs collide, giving birth to a voice that demands to be heard. 

Chi Town Taurus is more than just a rapper; he is a true storyteller. With a gift for vividly painting pictures through his words, he takes listeners on a journey through his life experiences, delving into themes of resilience, social justice, and personal growth. His music serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of self-expression and serves as an anthem for those who refuse to be silenced. 

Drawing inspiration from both classic and contemporary hip-hop icons, Chi Town Taurus brings a refreshing energy to the genre. His dynamic flow and thought-provoking lyrics captivate audiences, while his magnetic stage presence commands attention. Whether he's performing on gritty street corners or commanding stages of sold-out venues, Chi Town Taurus leaves an indelible mark with his authentic storytelling and unwavering passion for his craft. 

With a string of successful independent releases and collaborations under his belt, Chi Town Taurus is poised to make a significant impact in the music industry. He is an artist unafraid to challenge conventions, unapologetically embracing his true self and pushing boundaries. Through his music, he aims to inspire, empower, and spark conversations that ignite positive change. 

Chi Town Taurus is an artist on the rise, a force to be reckoned with, and a beacon of hope for those who resonate with his powerful message. As he continues to forge his path, his unwavering dedication and undeniable talent ensure that his voice will continue to be heard, leaving an indelible mark on the world of hip-hop and beyond.

Preparing for the release of his 3rd studio LP after Returning with his second studio album, Life Of A Gangster PTSD, a 17 track LP that brought us right into the center of the storm with a young Chi Town Taurus and his Great Lakes Region upbringing.

Born on Malcom X Day, the Chicago artist was raised in the West Side neighborhood known as Capitol Hill.

    Growing up all over the Great Lakes from Chicago to South Bend, Michigan City, Rockford, Madison, Bellwood and Milwaukee has given his Music Theatre and Therapy Movement a Soul of the Streets sound that music lovers will enjoy.

     Prison Art circa 2019, a 15 song LP was the artist's first full length studio project that commands your attention from the opening track. "I want to be the very first to listen." Isthmus 2018

     Activism for Incarcerated Citizens or Art from a never before seen angle, you can look at the life of Chi Town Taurus and explain his musical history as Urban Lit: an autobiographical diary and narrative of the other side to America's youth explosion or a conversation on Youth Culture and Prison Reform dialogue. However you look at it, that would be the tip of the iceberg.

     A single-parent household, private school, criminal career, prison and poetry make for two very powerful albums. And that's only part of the story.

    From being number one in Chicago for more than two years and top 3 in the world on Reverbnation with his Evooize De Medici collection (The Skit Tapes), Chi Town Taurus comes to life right before our very eyes on his Life Of A Gangster PTSD and Prison Art albums both produced by the Mega producer Godxilla from the Great Lakes Triangle and great city of Milwaukee.

    Life Of A Gangster PTSD and Prison Art go behind the scenes of the artist the way Classics are always designed to. Chi Town Taurus delivers a strong message as riveting testimony for Prison Reform and reform in our nation's laws while preparing for his upcoming tour. 

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