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We Regularly encourage any one with ideas on how to assist others to comment and add to the dialogue of bettering each other's lives.


RESOURCE GUIDE IS A SECTION of the Chi Town Taurus site designed to provide resources for anyone you may know that is in need of assistance with day to day living arrangements, housing and other necessities.

PLEASE DIRECT ANYONE in search of these resources to any of the following websites that may apply, and if you are aware of other platforms where people in need of these services may gain access feel free to add a comment and link below.


** is a Resource we've found for anyone looking to set up Health Care benefits and FoodShare or Housing and Income opportunities, especially anyone formerly incarcerated in an attempt to ensure their ability to emerge into society in a productive way.


** is for anyone in the Madison, Wisconsin. The Resources vary, but includes a group of people who can point you in the right direction.