Prison Art 

In today's climate, and I'm neither speaking in regards to weather related events nor global warming. I mean in regards to where we stand as a society? In the past 30 plus years there's been a massive influx into society as men and women reemerge from "Correctional Institutions" around the Country.

Prison Art, the album by the artist known as Taurus, takes you on the first Netflix installment of the entire experience. The culture of America now mirrors the mind state and atmosphere of Prison Culture. Each prisoner having a social circumference of 2-5 associates in their family and friends circle, leaves our communities with more than 5 Million to 12.5 Million acquaintances and relatives connected to anyone incarcerated at any given time.

With 600,000 people being released from various facilities every year since 1985, our daily lives intersect with the more than 24 Million former convicts the U.S. has been home to. Whether your interest is in areas of Prison Reform or more Tough on Crime laws, the numbers are indisputable. From either side of the equation, the pending crisis that such an epidemic presents requires elevated attention.


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